What to Look For in a Consulting Conference

There is no doubt that attending a consulting conference is a great way to grow your business, expand your professional network and learn about the new challenges and opportunities facing your chosen field. But with only so much time and money to go around, it is important to choose the consulting conference that will provide the biggest bang for your limited bucks.

That means examining the literature carefully to make sure the offerings at the conference are truly worth your time, and your money. Not every consultant conference will make the grade, and it pays to have a discerning eye and a skeptical attitude when evaluating the various offerings. There are a number of things you should look for when evaluating each consultant conference you are considering. By looking at each of these factors critically, you can make sure you spend your money where it will have the greatest impact.

Industry Experts

One of the chief benefits of attending a conference is the opportunity to hear from recognized experts in your field of specialty. The presence of industry experts can easily set one consultant conference ahead of its competition, and the lack of such experts can doom a consultant conference to failure.

When evaluating the program materials, take a good look at the bios of each expert who will be giving a speech or making a presentation. Are the experts currently working in their chosen fields, or have they long since retired? Are they recognized as true experts in their field by their peers, or only by the organizers of the consultant conference? The answers to these questions will help you evaluate your choices and make a good decision.

Networking Opportunities

No matter what your niche, networking is an essential part of being a consultant, You can never know too many people, and it can be difficult to predict ahead of time which contacts will result in new business. Growing your network is one of the most effective ways to grow your business, and choosing a consultant conference with plenty of networking opportunities is vitally important.

Be sure to look at the schedule for possible networking opportunities. Social lunches, mixers and other events are the perfect venues for meeting others in your field, finding industry experts and gathering new contacts.

Professional Management

The management of the conference can make all the difference in the world, so it is important to look at the reputation, and the experience, of the conference organizers. These days it is easy enough to check the reputation of a particular company, so take a few minutes to see what others have to say about their experiences at the last conference hosted by the company. A long list of complaints can be a big red flag, while a list of stellar reviews can reassure you that you have found the best consultant conference for your needs.