Solaris Management Consultancy – Are You Confused?

Small business as well as larger organisations can benefit from the expertise provided by experienced Solaris Management Consultants. The primary role of a Solaris Consultant is to provide advice and help with regards to implementing, administering and supporting Solaris Operating Systems in a way that is specific to a Company’s needs. Invariably they will also be able to help businesses migrate from an existing Solaris Operating Systems over to a Linux based Network, something which more and more businesses are choosing to do – primarily because Linux is Open Source which means the Company is not tied into any specific interface/commercial vendor.

Solaris Management

Solaris implementation requires the installation, patching and configuration of the system’s hardware as well as software. Expert advice ensures the fine tuning of a business’s operating system. Monitoring the Company’s servers with regards to the System’s Infrastructure minimises the possibility of minor issues becoming major weaknesses. A Solaris Consultant can provide insight and identify potential vulnerabilities and provide pro-active advice with regards to any specific and/or essential disaster recovery procedures which may need to be implemented.

Solaris Operating Systems are no different to any other – In that they perform best when monitored and managed:

- Reducing problems with costly and unscheduled downtimes: Ensuring maximum uptime which can be particularly essential for some business sectors.

-Thresholds for disk and space availability which are monitored ensure that both the Company and systems are able to meet increasing demand.

- Security, Backup and Recovery: If and when a fault does occur alerts and warnings are monitored, managed and resolved efficiently and effectively.

Not To Be Confused

Solaris x86 began a swell in user demand for Solaris Operating Systems. The introduction of Open Solaris added a new element into the mix. To which the line between Linux and Solaris became more confused… although of course, the absolute and distinctive difference between the two is that Linux is a Kernel and Solaris is irrefutably an Operating System. Unlike IBM’s AIX Operating System Solaris can be run upon x86 Architecture and Sun do offer a range of comprehensive Solaris Support packages. However, the role of Solaris Management Consultants far exceeds a ‘Support Service’. So, while the lines may becoming blurred in many ways it is in a business’s interest to ensure they understand the role and so the true benefits Solaris Management Consultancy can provide.