Sustainable Homes – why every homebuyer is following this green trend?

Atul Goel is a renowned real estate expert and MD of Goel Ganga Group. He has taken Indian real estate to next stage with his expertise. Atul Goel Pune devotes himself to convincing a larger audience of his reformist India vision. The concept of green housing gains relevance in the contemporary context due to increased [...]

What is account-based sales?

Shifting from your existing practices to the new Account Based Sales Development is not easy but if you take one step at a time it’ll be worth your while. Account-Based Sales (ABS) is a form of business where the customer pays for products or services after they have been delivered. This type of business model [...]

Simple Method to Connect Global Audience With Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

With Magento 2′s Mobile App Builder, you can connect with a worldwide audience in a matter of minutes. It’s more important than ever to identify your ideal customer by using relevant and effective methods for getting in touch with them. It’s important to know who you’re trying to reach when developing a mobile app. Also,Guest [...]

Digital Advances in Modern Pathology

OptraSCAN is a perfect tool for transitioning from conventional microscopy to digital pathology for effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, archiving, real time-sharing, and reporting via various pricing models. Digital Pathology has witnessed significant advancement in terms of digitization of glass slides,Guest Posting use of artificial intelligence to analyze tissue samples, and further [...]

5 ways to retain field workers and reduce employee turnover

Poor employee retention can be costly for Field Service businesses. Fortunately, you can retain your field workers by following these simple steps. Field Service businesses may be hesitant to increase expenses to retain employees,Guest Posting but the cost to hire new workers outweighs the cost to retain them. Poor employee retention can be expensive in [...]

Ways a Marketing Consultant Can Keep Your Promotional Costs Down

Whenever you are considering a marketing consultant for your business, your budget is always one of the things you have to consider. Many marketers use expansive strategies that result in a rather costly marketing budget. But there are marketers who know how to use less costly strategies and still achieve success for their clients so [...]

The 4 Main Reasons Why Businesses Hire Management Consultants

Any business to gain its zenith form needs several factors coming together in making it successful. No company can gain popularity or profits overnight, and continuous hard work, dedication, the right set of employees, investments, and several other factors come together and thus bringing about success to the business. The team consisting of the management [...]

Marketing Consultancy ROI – What Can Investing in a Consultant Do for You?

If you’re in business, marketing is vital and a marketing consultancy firm may be able to help you survive and thrive. Most companies can’t succeed on one or two clients alone. And even if you’re small, you can’t count on one or two clients to sustain you forever. A consultant can help you grow at [...]

Tips In Finding Good Project Management Consultants

Most companies already have their own project managers, but why do a lot of them still hire consultants whenever they take on big contracts? It’s quite simple, actually – project managers are very involved in the process and their personal interests and “closeness” to the project may actually prevent them from being completely objective. For [...]