Insurance Services in Shoreline, WA

Brandon was born and raised in Shoreline, Washington. His family has always been active participants in their community. Brandon is proud to be born and raised in the PNW! Brandon attended Seattle Pacific University and graduated with a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. While attending Seattle Pacific University he gained the opportunity to do an internship at Smith Barney in Bellevue.Among the many things he learned while interning at Smith Barney and the most important was the confirmation that he wanted to be in the Financial Services Industry. After Graduating he started with Farmers Insurance and was with them 10 years until 2019. Mid 2019 Brandon decided to go part time and leave the captive agency world to go independent.

Our nonprofit carriers share innovative and proactive approach to reducing the challenges facing nonprofits. They do this by providing a variety of risk management services that have been designed with nonprofits in mind. These services are available through the online, as a value added service with no additional cost, for all clients. Our carriers provide comprehensive insurance coverage for nonprofitentities by offering the following:

General Liability
Commercial Property
Auto Liability & Physical Damage (Including Non-owned Auto)
Wrongful Acts Liability (Including D&O and EPLI)
Misc. Professional Liability
Crime/Employee Dishonesty
Equipment Breakdown

What will happen if I don’t repay my loan on time?

When a fixed amount of money is lent to the borrower with a fixed repayment time, it is called personal loan. They do have a fixed interest rate over the repayment tenure.

Further, personal loans are segregated to two other categories, unsecured and secured, which we shall discuss more on. Beside all the benefits, if you still want to default your score, It is pretty good as defaulting your financial image.

Buddy Loan offers a solution to each of your financial nuance, with a wide pool of lenders. It disburses unsecured loans, yes loans without a collateral with lower interest rates starting at 11.99%p.a.

Which defaulter are you?

The careless: There are people who avail the loan and not care enough to repay it on time for many reasons such improper calculation between income and expenses.

People realise those mistakes once they start paying the EMI. They just manage paying the EMI, which in most of the cases not completely or it is not on time. Which is again a default.

The candid: People who have real tight situations and genuine problems to deal with. They pay all the EMI on time but with the unstable condition they cannot repay the complete amount on time.

The smart ones: They love to play around by roaming scot free without paying the EMIs. However, they can mislead the banks with all the fake reasons.

Unable to pay the loan?

Banks do not need collaterals for personal loans; hence they are called unsecured loans. They have a way to deal with the personal loan default cases.

Banks and other financial institutions have a different way of dealing with defaulters.
They can offer negotiations.
If that fails, they could resort to insist the borrower to present a post – dated cheque for clearing.
That in case of vehicle or home loan, banks can issue notices, such as public notice, normal notice and Fair value notice.
If your dues are not paid over 90 days, then the banks will declare you as an NPA.
If not, the personal loan collateral is seized and sale proceeding are initiated.


What the borrower (loan defaulter) can do here? Not much. But if the defaulter thinks that ‘property seizure’ or ‘property fair value’ has not been handled properly, they can raise the objection in written to the bank. The bank is obliged to reply within 7 days. But after the reply, the bank can go ahead and sell the asset as per the public notice issued.

Reasons Why People Work with Professionals to ‘Fix My Credit’

Simply think about a heart-throbbing scenario. After applying for a home mortgage loan for the marriage ceremony of your loving daughter, as you meet the loan officer of the bank, you’re informed that your credit score is too poor to be eligible for financing. No denying the matter is more than shocking and upsetting for anyone like you who have always been careful enough to pay dues against your credit cards, car loan, and other bills on time.More surprisingly, as you get the updated reports from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian you observe some mysterious tradelines being on the credit report which don’t belong to you. Apart from this, there are many negative entries that have been the culprit for disqualifying you for a bank loan. In a nutshell, you have suffered only because of the errors or misleading information on your credit reports. Rather than becoming upset think for a second that it’s the reason why an increasing number of Americans ask for fix my credit to professional credit repairing repair companies.Reason of Hiring ExpertsInstead of enhancing your credit status from the scratch, the whole objective of ‘fix my credit’ process involves expert auditing of your credit report for pointing out flawed item, information or entries which is then challenged or disputed with the concerned parties. Since these flawed entries are the key causes which impact negatively on your credit report, once removed or modified by credit bureaus, they automatically increase your credit status and let you find a mind-blowing boost-up of your credit score.Thus, outfitted with ‘fix my credit’ professionals, basically you depute expert groups specializing in the area to shoulder the responsibility to examine and spot the negative items on your credit report that affect your score cruelly. Consequently, after such erroneous entries are pinpointed through an expert audit session, the credit lawyers formulate the dispute plans and start sending their disagreement letters to relevant parties. Being legal experts, basically, they make the parties to remove those mistaken entries and help you get a healthy credit score simply by fixing them.What Make Them ‘Fix My Credit Job’ a Success?Knowledge about Credit LawsUnlike average individuals, credit repairing agencies are operating with highly specialized and insightful pool of credit lawyers, analysts, as well as arbitrators having knowledge about the consumer credit market. With years of experience in handling various types of consumer credit-related issues, they become well-versed to deal the matters with great techniques and knowledge according to the consumer protection laws of a federal system like, Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) that safeguard your lawful rights. Opposed to commoners with no or poor knowledge about credit laws, working with expert credit lawyers always makes sense in ‘fix my credit’ process.Work Directly with CreditorsAccording to customized strategic plans, the lawyers begin their dispute program through a personal meeting, official correspondence, apart from repetitive follow up with Experian, Equifax, and Transunion credit bureaus, credit card companies and creditors directly. Deletion and modification of the unfair entries boost your credit score in a steady process and it takes nearly a few months to one year to get rid of the erroneous entries found on your credit report.Unbeatable NegotiatorsThe biggest plus point that makes specialist credit repair companies to ‘fix my credit’ score is that they fight with credit bureaus, creditors or credit card companies based on their fact-based dispute plans which are designed following meticulous audit and evidences of inconsistencies found in credit reports. Each case is handled by seasoned credit lawyers, credit analysts, and great negotiators who remain unbeatable in the process of disputing, negotiation, and settlement.

Why You Need an Internet Marketing Consultant?

Due to the fact that the internet has practically become a major source of information, products, and services, many businesses have now proliferated in the worldwide web. Internet marketing has been proven to be an effective and affordable business marketing strategy. As such, most businesses see to it that they include the internet in their marketing strategies.

But, how is internet marketing done? Moreover, is this something that you can do by yourself, or do you need a consultant for this job?

While it is possible to have a successful marketing by yourself, it is always more advantageous if you hire a marketing consultant to do the job for you. Online advertising and promotion is an indispensable tool. Thus, if you want to succeed in your business endeavors, you should seriously think about getting an internet marketing consultant.

The topmost reason why you need the services of an internet marketing company is getting targeted traffic. This means that you don’t really have to get thousands of traffic everyday in order to be successful. Success is rather dependent on the type of traffic that is driven into your web site. In other words, it is the quality of visitors that counts rather than the quantity. An excellent online advertising involves attracting people who are likely to convert into actual customers. Thus, if you get the targeted traffic, it is most likely that you get a better chance of having customers and clients in the future. Net marketing specialists definitely know how to get the target market. You may be able to do it yourself without any doubt, but you may actually be spending a fortune without selling anything at all.

Another reason is online promotions management. Ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness can only be done by experts. Professional marketers definitely know what tools to use in managing online campaigns. Moreover, they also know when and how to make sure that there is a guarantee on investment. Correspondingly, a good internet marketing company may actually save you a great deal of resources. If you are just starting out your business, you would surely want to save on expenses as much as you can.

Finally, getting an internet marketing consultant will result to high conversion rate. It is a fact that having high traffic with poor conversion rate is a disaster for any business. A credible consultancy service will always give more emphasis on attracting targeted traffic and converting this traffic into sales. A high conversion rate is achieved when you are able to provide a good landing page to your visitors. Strengthening brand online also contributes to sales. With an internet marketing consultant, all these are conveniently accomplished. Since it is practically every businessman’s goal to make more money from their web site, an increase in conversion rate will definitely help them achieve this.

Opportunities for Professional Search Engine Marketing Consultants

Search engine optimization is a special field that most small business owners are willing to outsource rather than spend valuable time and effort trying to learn. If you know the basics of search engine marketing, consulting for other businesses can be a lucrative venture for you. Here are some ways you can earn with search engine marketing consulting:

Offer advice

Giving advice is the basic role of a consultant and you should be able to do this easily by phone, email or a VOIP service like Skype. Consultants usually charge a monthly fee for a set number of hours that their client can use to ask for advice. The recurring income is normally a prepaid one, meaning you get paid even before you render advice.

Provide marketing assistance

Most small business consultants start by doing one or two things for clients and progress into a full service marketing firm. Choose a service that you are comfortable with and develop it into your specialty like creating landing pages, writing sales copies or submitting your client’s website in directories. If your client has other marketing requirements that are beyond your skills to provide, find someone who you can partner with and split the fees.

Sell information products

If you have a proven system of boosting search rankings, document it by describing each step clearly for others to follow. You can sell your system as a course, e-book, or video that new business owners and other Internet marketers will want to buy. Other information products you can sell include applications, online tools and templates. The beauty of selling information products is that you need only to develop it once to sell it to an unlimited number of buyers.

Coach others

Search engine marketing is an area that is hardly understood by many who would rather learn it from experts. If you feel confident about your SEO skills, you can transfer that knowledge to others who are willing to pay for a short cut that your coaching service can provide.

Teach in seminars

If speaking before a group is your strength, then giving seminars can be a lucrative source of income as well. Invite speakers from other specialties to add oomph to your teaching event.

Because SEO is a complex field, the business opportunities in search engine marketing consulting are endless. The keys to unlimited income is to combine business models which will create multiple income streams, with expert guidance when starting out.

Solaris Management Consultancy – Are You Confused?

Small business as well as larger organisations can benefit from the expertise provided by experienced Solaris Management Consultants. The primary role of a Solaris Consultant is to provide advice and help with regards to implementing, administering and supporting Solaris Operating Systems in a way that is specific to a Company’s needs. Invariably they will also be able to help businesses migrate from an existing Solaris Operating Systems over to a Linux based Network, something which more and more businesses are choosing to do – primarily because Linux is Open Source which means the Company is not tied into any specific interface/commercial vendor.

Solaris Management

Solaris implementation requires the installation, patching and configuration of the system’s hardware as well as software. Expert advice ensures the fine tuning of a business’s operating system. Monitoring the Company’s servers with regards to the System’s Infrastructure minimises the possibility of minor issues becoming major weaknesses. A Solaris Consultant can provide insight and identify potential vulnerabilities and provide pro-active advice with regards to any specific and/or essential disaster recovery procedures which may need to be implemented.

Solaris Operating Systems are no different to any other – In that they perform best when monitored and managed:

- Reducing problems with costly and unscheduled downtimes: Ensuring maximum uptime which can be particularly essential for some business sectors.

-Thresholds for disk and space availability which are monitored ensure that both the Company and systems are able to meet increasing demand.

- Security, Backup and Recovery: If and when a fault does occur alerts and warnings are monitored, managed and resolved efficiently and effectively.

Not To Be Confused

Solaris x86 began a swell in user demand for Solaris Operating Systems. The introduction of Open Solaris added a new element into the mix. To which the line between Linux and Solaris became more confused… although of course, the absolute and distinctive difference between the two is that Linux is a Kernel and Solaris is irrefutably an Operating System. Unlike IBM’s AIX Operating System Solaris can be run upon x86 Architecture and Sun do offer a range of comprehensive Solaris Support packages. However, the role of Solaris Management Consultants far exceeds a ‘Support Service’. So, while the lines may becoming blurred in many ways it is in a business’s interest to ensure they understand the role and so the true benefits Solaris Management Consultancy can provide.

How to Become a Brown Bag Party Consultant – Brown Bag Party Starter Kits

After I did a lot of research I found that Brown Bag Party have the best offers to Consultants and Hostess. Consultants earn 50% of all sales with no Down line needed. You can also earn Bonus with Brown Bag. Most Adult Party Companies make you pay for Hostess awards, this is not the case with Brown Bag Party. All your Hostess Awards are paid by the company. When you buy one of four starter Kits you also receive a website and a Back office. Your up team is always there to help you. Your Hostess earn 20% of sales at their party for their Hostess awards. No dealing with inventory or delivery. Products will shipped to your customers. As you build your Down line you will earn more as well, but you do not have to have one to earn the 50%. You can buy your starter kit with Hostess points you have earned from Hosting a party. These are the reason I made the choice to go with Brown Bag party instead of the other Romance in Home Party Companies.

Here are the reason I did not go with the other Romance Party Companies. In my research I found that most companies only offer their Hostess 10% of the party sells in Hostess Awards. These Awards are paid by the Consultant. Which takes the 20% to 30% that she is making to 10% to 20%. A lot of these companies want you to pay for processing credit cards. Brown Bag does not. The kits for the other Companies are much smaller and cost a lot more than Brown Bag Party’s Starter kits and boosters. I ordered the Largest Starter Kit and all the Boosters plus two days air shipping and sent only $1400.00. Much less than I would have going with other companies, plus I would have received less product in my kit and no boosters that I could find. I have also attended some of the other Companies Home Parties. I did not like the fact they are not allowed to have co-ed or couples parties. Brown Bag allows co-ed and couple parties. You make more money with co-ed and couple parties most the time. I also found that a few of these Companies had Consultants that lied about state laws on the co-ed parties. I did the research and never found where IL or TN had a law that stated you could not have co-ed or couple parties like the PR Consultants stated to myself and many others. I am not willing to work for a company that allows this type of behavior. You might ask how I know they allow it, well I called and informed them of it. Their answer was that their company just does not allow it and they do not know why a Consult would say such a thing.

I have made more money with brown bag in the last thirty days than another consultant selling for another company has in six months. This is because I earn more in commissions than she does! I also do not have the cost of Hostess Awards that she does. Not only do I make more money, but I did not have to have a Down line to get there. I enjoy what I do and have the better deal! All in all after months of research I found that Brown Bag Party was the better choice because they not only treat their consultants better but their Hostess as well.

Improve Your Business Profits By Hiring SEO Consultants

Due to setting up of a large number of websites these days, it has become very difficult for many them to get better visibility than others on search engines. This becomes the reason behind their failure in generating any business. The competition to reach higher rankings on first pages of search engine results is becoming tough day by day. At this stage, online business owners look forward to activities which can help their websites to attain high rankings. This set of activities is known a search engine optimization. Online companies hire SEO consultants to do promotion of their websites on Internet. By doing so, they can focus more on their core business activities while all the promotional and marketing tasks are carried by the hired consultants.

An SEO consultant has the experience and know-how about the techniques and strategies to bring your site on top rankings and generate more traffic. It has always been a reason behind every successful online business venture. When you hire professional SEO services consultant, you surely achieve the top results for your target keywords. Being at the top positions for the search of a certain keyword or for a set of keywords, assures you about more clicks, thereby resulting in improved traffic stats and rising sales graph.

SEO experts India apply unique strategy and research about the promotion of niche products or services by comparing your website with your competitors’ websites and then optimize your website based on this analysis. They guide you about various aspects of website promotion such as unique and updated website content is important for improved website traffic, importance and need of search engine friendly and user friendly, optimized content ad Meta tags etc. With hands on experience and know how, they help you in managing website keywords and do experiments with hundreds of keywords for a much better optimization of your website to achieve improved rankings and visibility.

It is up to you if you want to hire a full time SEO consultant on your own or you want to employ an SEO company to handle your SEO campaigns. Before deciding just keep in mind that a The dedicated full time SEO consultant will work for you under your guidelines and will be available to you all the time through various communication mediums. Hiring a full time SEO consultant will improve your business profits by optimizing your website in a right way and start counting on the increased profits to your business.

Sustainable Homes – why every homebuyer is following this green trend?

Atul Goel is a renowned real estate expert and MD of Goel Ganga Group. He has taken Indian real estate to next stage with his expertise. Atul Goel Pune devotes himself to convincing a larger audience of his reformist India vision.

The concept of green housing gains relevance in the contemporary context due to increased pollution in cities and growing awareness of eco-friendly homes,Guest Posting particularly among millennials. At a time when the entire country is dealing with rising pollution levels, the belief that such houses dramatically lower pollution levels. It is promising a better and healthier living in the future, is gaining traction among purchasers.

Green construction in India has grown dramatically in recent years. The country now ranks fourth in the world for green building. This has been made feasible by millennials looking for ways to live and work in tech-savvy, low-carbon buildings.

Green homes – the future realty

Millennials don’t only want houses; they want green houses built with sustainable materials and a higher emphasis on environmental cleanliness. The belief that green houses dramatically lower pollution levels, assuring a better and healthier living in the future, is gaining appeal among homebuyers. They are cheerfully taking all means to reduce their carbon footprint. The first place they start is at home. And they don’t mind paying extra for the house if it means lower utility expenses in the long run.

Benefits of green homes

Covid-19 has raised awareness regarding the influence a person’s living and working environment may have on their health and the health of their family. We spend 90 percent of our time inside our houses. Green buildings also prioritise the health and wellness of its people, which will eventually help cities become more sustainable and reduce environmental stress, says Atul Goel Ganga, the MD of Goel Ganga Group.

A long term investment
Purchasing a green house is a long-term investment in their families and future generations. This concept encourages young people to invest their money in such green homes.

Green houses, appear to be gaining traction as millennials shift toward more sustainable housing. Goel Ganga Group projects tend to attract millennials since Gen Y investors seek homes that are not only sustainable but also eco-friendly, provide higher returns on investments, minimise recurrent costs, and assure a healthier and better quality of life, states Atul Goel Ganga Pune.

Higher ROI
Real estate investments are undertaken with the goal of maximising profits, but the traditional housing market has remained stagnant for quite some time. Taking lessons from the traditional housing downturn, new age investors are aiming to invest in green homes. When it comes to green homes, the returns on investment are substantial. They are not only sustainable but also long-lasting.

Energy Efficient
The rising cost of power is a major source of concern. As a result, opting green when it comes to house selection might be a wise decision. The developers that are involved in the construction of green houses tend to use renewable energy resources. The design also helps to reduce power expenses to a large amount.

Green houses are also successful in lowering carbon emissions because they use renewable energy resources. In layman’s terms, these dwellings may effectively decrease utility expenditures while simultaneously saving energy resources and lowering carbon emissions.

According to Atul Goel Pune, all the projects of Goel Ganga Group has energy saving projects such as, rain water harvesting, including materials, natural ventilation, and daylighting.

Leveraging technology
Green houses appeal to millennials, who are very interested in technology. The technology utilised in the construction of green homes aids in resource conservation since Gen Y can rely on AI and robots. It helps to remotely manage the use of electrical equipment, saving both time and money.

With the rising impact of industrialisation on the environment, the notion of green housing is progressively making its way into Indian markets. In terms of real estate, India appears to be choosing for sustainable or green structures, but not mandatorily.


Buildings or residences may adopt minor improvements to embrace green design concepts. Occupants can utilise healthier and more eco-friendly materials, such as low VOC paints, install solar panels to boost energy efficiency, and focus on resource conservation by optimising their energy and water consumption. Using energy-saving lighting and equipment can also make a significant impact.

What is account-based sales?

Shifting from your existing practices to the new Account Based Sales Development is not easy but if you take one step at a time it’ll be worth your while.

Account-Based Sales (ABS) is a form of business where the customer pays for products or services after they have been delivered. This type of business model can be used by companies that provide goods and services online. In this case,Guest Posting the company does not receive payment until the client has received their product/service. The benefits of using ABS are that the company is able to track how many units were sold, what price was set per unit, and how much profit was earned per sale. The disadvantages include the fact that the company cannot see who the customers are, and therefore, it is difficult to market directly to consumers.

Account Based Sales (ABS) is a term used to describe a business model where the company’s revenue comes from its customers’ purchases rather than selling products or services to them. This type of business model can be used by companies that sell their product or service over the internet. In this case, the company earns money through commissions charged to the customer at each step of the buying cycle.

What are account-based sales? Account-based sales (ABS) is a method of selling products where the customer pays for the product after they have received their order. This can be done through various methods including credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, gift cards, etc.

Why would I want to use this type of sale? There are many reasons why you may choose to use account-based sales over traditional methods of selling. One reason is that your customers do not need to pay until they receive their order. Another reason is that you can offer discounts to your customers if they pay for their orders using certain payment methods.

How does it work? The customer places an order and then receives an email confirmation from us. Once the order has been placed, we send them a shipping notification via email. When the order ships, we charge the card used at checkout. If the customer chooses to pay later, we allow them to set up a payment plan. After the payment is complete, we ship out the order.